Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain can be debilitating. At The Physio Bunker, we understand that pain not only has physical impacts, but it has emotional and mental impacts too. That is why we endeavour to help those with chronic pain by not only providing physiotherapy treatments, but we aim to guide and support our patients to a better quality of life.

There are many ways in which Physiotherapists can be involved in the management of chronic pain. Physiotherapists have skills to provide pain relieving manual therapy and exercise based treatments, as well as assisting in addressing the emotional and mental aspects of pain via the provision of pain education. 

It is important that our patients are aware that we are not just another team of health professionals who will put you in the “too hard basket”. That’s just not how we operate. We want to work with you and strive to find ways to help you. We will often liaise with other health professionals in order to make informed decisions and provide the most appropriate treatments or recommendations for our patients. 

If you are experiencing chronic pain, book an initial appointment with one of our team members. Alternatively, if you’re just not sure if we can help, email us at and one of our physios will get back to you personally.

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    Why Choose Us

    • Do I need a Doctor’s referral?

      If you are private paying (i.e. paying for our services yourself or with your Private Health Fund) or covered by Work Cover, NDIS or a Home Care Package you DO NOT need a referral.If you are a DVA or Medicare patient, you will need a referral or EPC referral from a GP.

    • Do you have HICAPs?

      We sure do! Bring your private health insurance card with you and you can claim on the spot with our HICAPs machine. This means that you will only need to pay the gap at the time of your appointment.

    • What happens in the first appointment?

      Your initial appointment will involve a lengthy discussion about your concerns. Your therapist will then need to get some more information about your condition by performing some objective tests and getting some baseline measures. This enables for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan to be formed. If time permits, you will start your treatment as well in the first session!

    • Do I need to bring anything?

      If you have had any scans or reports done in relation to your condition, it is really helpful if you can bring them with you.You should also bring or wear comfortable, loose clothing that allows access to the area of your body needing assessment and treatment.

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    Let us help you feel your best and be your best! Whether that be reducing pain, or getting back to elite level sport, we've got you covered.