Pre & Post Natal

Pre & Post Natal physiotherapy is highly important, yet widely underrated! 

Let’s not play it down, a woman’s body goes through a lot during pregnancy and birth! If you have had a Cesarean birth, then you have had even more trauma to your body and this needs to heal. There’s no way you wouldn’t go to a physiotherapist if you had knee surgery or if your ankle expanded to 5 times it’s normal size – so engage a physiotherapist to help you, just like you would any other part of your body!

At The Physio Bunker we encourage all women who are pre & post natal to seek physiotherapy input in order to guide you through your preparation and recovery from birth. Your pre-natal physiotherapy sessions will involve ensuring you are managing any pain and to ensure you are participating in safe levels of exercise. After you have your baby, post-natal physiotherapy helps you recover, rehabilitate and strengthen your body. Your abdominal muscles are usually a key focus area, but we also discuss any other women’s health issues you may be having, such as incontinence. We will give you a personalised plan to ensure you are able to address any issues or concerns and also guide you through strengthening your body again and returning to sport, high impact activities or just every day life. 

We do not offer internal assessments. If we feel that you require internal examination from a physiotherapist, we will happily refer you to an appropriate professional. 

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    • Do I need a Doctor’s referral?

      If you are private paying (i.e. paying for our services yourself or with your Private Health Fund) or covered by Work Cover, NDIS or a Home Care Package you DO NOT need a referral.If you are a DVA or Medicare patient, you will need a referral or EPC referral from a GP.

    • Do you have HICAPs?

      We sure do! Bring your private health insurance card with you and you can claim on the spot with our HICAPs machine. This means that you will only need to pay the gap at the time of your appointment.

    • What happens in the first appointment?

      Your initial appointment will involve a lengthy discussion about your concerns. Your therapist will then need to get some more information about your condition by performing some objective tests and getting some baseline measures. This enables for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan to be formed. If time permits, you will start your treatment as well in the first session!

    • Do I need to bring anything?

      If you have had any scans or reports done in relation to your condition, it is really helpful if you can bring them with you.You should also bring or wear comfortable, loose clothing that allows access to the area of your body needing assessment and treatment.

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