Lower back pain is one of the leading worldwide causes for disability. However, despite the high prevalence of these injuries in the vast majority of cases the cause is unknown. Treatment options are widespread and it can be difficult to sort through all the information online, on TV and from other people. This is why seeing a physiotherapist or other healthcare professional is important if you are having ongoing issues with lower back pain.

There are a few simple things you can try prior to your first appointment with a healthcare professional to help decrease your pain levels. Prolonged sitting and repetitive lumbar flexion (bending forwards) tend to be the most common aggravating factors for the majority of people suffering from lower back injuries. In such instances the use of lumbar support in sitting, with a lumbar roll or rolled up towel, and lumbar extension (bending backwards) can help reduce overall pain levels.

For individuals suffering from pain related to more upright postures such as when standing or walking, other strategies will prove to be more helpful. These include bending forwards in sitting by bringing your chest down to your knees and resting your feet one at a time on a foot stool when standing for longer periods and regularly alternating between left and right feet.

Heat can be used as a counter irritant when increased muscle tone and spasms are contributing to the pain experience. Hot water bottles or heated wheat packs can be placed on the affected region to help relax the muscles and decrease discomfort. Once pain starts to ease and movement becomes less restricted it is important to then start focussing on a strengthening program. A tailored strengthening program can help speed up recovery, improve function and decrease risk of the injury recurring in the future.

Our physiotherapists in Birtinya and Maroochydore have access to fully equipped gyms to help facilitate this process. Should you be more inclined to do home-based exercises we are able to provide resistance bands and exercise alternatives to make this just as effective for your rehab journey. Be sure to seek help from one of our team members if you suffer from lower back pain to get on top of the problem as early as possible.

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